IBM ServeRAID M5000 Series Advance


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    Product ID: 46M0930 FRU: 46M0931

    Series Performance Accelerator Key adds the following performance and data protection enhancements to the standard ServeRAID products: MegaRAID FastPath: An I/O accelerator that doubles the I/O operations per second (IOPS) on solid-state drives (SSDs); MegaRAID CacheCade: A data-tiering enabler to support hybrid environments of SSDs and HDDs, realizing higher levels of performance; MegaRAID Recovery: A data recovery feature that works both in pre-boot and OS environments and provides snapshot capabilities for file-level and volume-level data restoration; LSI SafeStore: Utility for enabling encryption and storing drive keys for self-encrypting drives (SEDs); RAID 6 and 60 support: Additional RAID levels for added data protection; Warranty 12 months.

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